Lise and Louis' passion for the English Setter started in 1982, Kendra's in 1995. This marvelous
breed has always filled our hearts and our love over the years has stayed the same.

Over all those years, we worked hard to produce an excellent representation of the breed in full
respect of the standard. We are very proud of our dogs. Whatever purpose they fulfill; dog shows,
reproduction or companion, they are all, first, good family dogs. For us, the marvelous temperament
of the English Setter should be in all of our puppies.

We have produced many Canadian and American champions. But, most of all, our dogs have won at
numerous Canadian and American specialties. The quality of our show dogs who are the future
parents of our litters is for us primordial.

The structure of our dogs and their movement, combined with their type result in very good
representation of the breed that judges recognize regularly at specialties. We never neglected
these essential criteria. This is for us the important way to develop and preserve our breed. Our
goal has always been to produce outstanding quality puppies in using exceptional parents.

Now we have joined in a partnership, Lise and Louis of Artizoé and Kendra of Keeley.  All our
dogs are now in co-ownership and we co-breed the litters. Kendra has the responsibility to whelp
and socialize the puppies. So it is in Pennsylvania that our clients have to go to see the puppies. It
is a new challenge for all of us. As we always had good time together, this association was obvious.

We share the same philosophy and we are proud to continue together to produce great English
Setters for the love of the breed and the pleasure of our clients.
Artizoé Keeley
English Setters